My Global Weightloss

The Global Weight Loss plan is designed to provide dieters with a wide variety of food choices and significant weight loss.
 The plan is structured to permit maximum flexibility, a wide range of great tasting meal replacements and snacks and a delicious “real food” meal on a daily basis. To succeed all you have to do is follow the Plan.

 Follow the plan as outlined

   • You will significantly reduce you overall consumption of calories

   • You will increase your daily intake of protein for the protection of lean body mass and
     connective tissue during a period of rapid weight loss

   •  You will enjoy frequent delicious protein supplements that produce a feeling of satiety or   
     fullness impossible to achieve with any other kind of foods.
   •  You will  experience dramatic weight loss without the need of prescription medications or
     dangerous appetite suppressants.

    Breakfast: Cereal or
              15 gr Protein  Oat Meal ( Any Flavor)                                  100 to 110 CALORIES

   First Snack: 15 gr Protein  Fruit Drink or
               15 gr Protein  Cappuccino  or 15 gr Protein  
               Hot Chocolate Drink                                                            90 CALORIES

   LUNCH or Second Snack:
                15 gr Protein  Cream Tomato or
                15 gr Protein  Chicken Soup with Pasta or
                15 gr Protein  Cream of Chicken Soup or
                15 gr Protein  Beef Soup w/Pasta                                      90 CALORIES

    Third Snack: Pizza Protein Chip or
               BBQ Protein Chip or
               Chocolate Marshmallow Protein Bar  or
               Caramel Crunch Protein Bar                                               160 TO 170 CALORIES

    Fourth Snack: 15 gr Protein  Chocolate Chip  Protein Cookie w/Icing or
                15 gr Protein  Oatmeal Cookie w/Icing or
                Vanilla Pro Med 100 or                              
                Chocolate Pro Med 100

    DINNER: Choice of ONE of those 12 Delicious Shelf Stable            
    160 TO 250 CALORIES
               Each day you must also drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water .
               Water servings should be spaced throughout the day.

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